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No more freaky love bubbles, yo!
United States
Well. Hello again.

You ever have one of those dreams where you realize you were supposed to be in school, but you were skipping out for so long you don't even remember the room number, much less what homework was due? Gods help you to recall the locker combo.

Yeah. Pretty much that.

I couldn't figure out the password here.

So. Some…years…ago now, Sae and I kinda put our dA here on hold, since we weren't living together anymore. I thought this was a temporary situation, and that after we got our monies more stabilized, we'd be aiming to move back in together and start cranking out fun little fanartworks and cosplays and just being generally creative all over the place. However, it seems this plan is unlikely to come to pass. In short time, Saeru shall be joining up with the Air Force, to put all that electrical engineering to use building drone jets and whathaveyou. Afterward a few years of awesomely defending our world from the inevitable invading alien robots who have come to steal all of our energy, it'll be a quick jaunt back for more university to delve into the wonders of neuroscience. And then I guess making cyborgs for world domination or something is on the horizon after that.

The reason I came back to kick out all these dA crickets with announcement of Sae's lofty prospects is to give folks who happen to still be around the heads-up: there will be no future custom Organization coats (nor wigs) from Sae. Ever.

After the auction tomorrow, that is. One last coat, and then the era is over.

I am following up on some leads for commissioners who may be able to take up the torch and fill in, but right now, there is no one confirmed with the dedicated space, time and training. I do not know when Organization cosplays will be available to the public again, but I will be facilitating as best I can to see the niche filled. Additionally, I will be compiling all of the tutorials, supply research, patterns and videos we've posted around all over into a coherent hub for posterity.

…Also: I have a bunch of Lost Art from our times of collaborations. Stuff that never got scanned. Stuff I never finished coloring. Stuff that was deemed too…uh, too silly. So I'm going to work this year to enshrine all that extra b-side and bonus materials here where it belonged tin the first place, since this account is specifically for our collabs. Meanwhile, anything that I'm working on solo these days will be posted on my original dA account, which is now

So, this isn't exactly goodbye. You'll still see me sweeping up in here from time to time. But just in case no further developments ever develop, please consider this closure of a sort.

--- :iconsniperdusk: sniperdusk (formerly U-E)

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